Must be Friday...
Just let me get my hands on it! I will open the "Morons Surrounding Us" community...

Two pearls today only:

1) IME - independent medical examination letter. This doctor was supposed to examine my client (a 23-year old girl) and provide an independent conclusion of whether she is all right and needs no further treatment.

Yeah, look what he writes, dirty copypaster!

Page 1: "Ms. Baker, 23-year old waitress..."
Page 3: Physical examination. This 23-year old right-handed male was 5 feet 1 inch tall". Makes you wonder what he did to her throughout page 2...
Page 3, next paragraph: "physical examination reveals 24-year-old woman". I wonder again, where exacly he found this missing year of hers...

Alright, as if it was not enough...

2) Some moron replies my demand letter. My letter started with "I am writing to you on behalf of Jo Blo, independent contractor". This smartass writes: "I am writing today on behalf of your letter you sent me regarding Jo Blo". My own leters are being represented against me - is that cyberpunk or I am just getting too sensitive?
Notio: pereant justicia!
03 September 2004 ; 04:13 pm
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Date:2004-09-03 01:37 pm (UTC)
Count me in. We can't seem to find a file where we need to do something soon. I was told "email our foreign associate and ask them for copies so that the client doesn't find out we don't have the file." Of course, the email I sent was adressed (and was sent) to the client.

I think you know how the partner feels right now (I didn't even notice it until he sent me a "what the fuck?" email).
Date:2004-09-03 04:28 pm (UTC)
they didn't fire you right out, did they?

I almost lost my position once over a similar thing - a letter that in no case should get to the client made it to him:)
Date:2004-09-04 04:55 am (UTC)
доктор - обыкновенный халтурщик; гнать в 3 шеи

второй "идиот" просто пишет по-английски хуже чем ты. Будешь пинать его за это ногами?
Date:2004-09-04 09:54 pm (UTC)
Это его родной язык!

Впрочем, я же говорю - идиот. Идеальный Друг И Отличный Товарищ:)

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