Дэль 鈴 (ikadell) wrote,
Дэль 鈴

Завел отдельный тэг для переводов, хотя готовые уже почти закончились.

Вначале ссылка на оригинал, после английский текст, в конце - видео, чтобы было понятно, как именно английский вариант ложится на мелодию.

Ссылка на оригинал, буду признателен за лучшую, но я в сети Кузьки не вижу вовсе.

Gone with winds, crushed and shattered,
Washed away by rain and gale,
Torched and burned, ashes scattered,
We return without fail.
Our passion is dire, and
No walls could make us stay:
We will dash through the fire, and
Scorn a threat, and scorn a pray!
Raise your head, it’s flapping above:
Our emerald banner of love!

Dormer opens and crashes:
Limpid as your children’s eyes
Light and restless like ashes,
Wild grey swans break out and rise…
Then a frantic tune wakes you,
Trembling air around you stings,
And a heavy choke shakes you
With the feeling of the wings:
Come along, it flies as a dove, -
Our emerald banner of love!

Throw the door open wide,
To see the hills with dawn alight;
Grey swan feathers subside,
Golden voices fill the night.
Just push off from the doorway,
Break the clouds like murky glass,
Our way is now your way –
You are now one of us!
Тhere never would be enough
Under emerald banner of love!

Our wings, our fervor,
Ever-wakeful eyes of light
Will be yours and forever
If you don’t turn back tonight!
We can’t offer much grace, friend, –
Just a purpose and a name,
Join the song, take your place, and
Our fate is yours to claim!

“Soldiers, shoot these things in the sky,
Aim the emerald flag that they fly”

Tags: carinwa, ukiyo-e, мёд Одина
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