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Продолжая cерию и выполняя обещанное, выкладываю следующий кусок своих переложений на английский известных фэндомских песен. Вначале ссылка на оригинал, после английский текст, в конце - видео, чтобы было понятно, как именно английский вариант ложится на мелодию.


Back from the caliginous north to the forests of yours
You radiant star returned, o Daeron.
The robins are raising their voices among other birds
The spring is again adjourned, o Daeron

Sweet nightingales join in a glee,
The candle is weeping on your pell
“Farewell my love, farewell to thee,
O Luthien Tinuviel!”

Your heart dropped and shattered, and splinters had scratched up the song
Swan feathers caught by the wind, o Daeron,
Some bitterness crept into wine: taste of sagebrush is almost as strong,
Thus hope and regret are entwined, o Daeron.
One who retires, one who condones,
May not convulse, may not surmise –
The stars are bright as cursed Stones,
The stars are piercing like her eyes.

You needn’t have drunk from this poison at all!
You shattered the cup, but the scent filled the hall,
Your flute is forgone, but the song won’t deplete,
And words softly rustle, crushing under your feet:
“Farewell my true love, fare the well,
O Luthien Tinuviel!”

You needn’t have tasted this poisonous drink!
It tastes like the fire and dissolves like the ink,
The song perseveres and returns with the tide,
Like foam on the rocks where the waves have expired:
Stars join with the waves in a maddening spree,
Your heart is entrapped in their sickening spell –
“Farewell my love, fare well to thee,
O Luthien Tinuviel!”

In the far western realm of the sheer utter bliss
Will shadow surrender your forehead, and cease
Will there ever be hope that your pain could decrease?
“Farewell my true love, fare thee well,
O Luthien Tinuviel!”

You can foresee, you can foreknow
That she will take the way of Men;
And parting glance that she would throw
Will reach, and freeze you, and condemn.
“Farewell my true love, fare thee well,
Farewell my lone star, fare thee well,
Tinuviel le linnathon,
O Luthien Tinuviel”



Hail to the king, whom no one could withstand!
He fell upon his foes like ocean’s wave.
He was proclaimed to be the gods’ descendant…
But years went by an by, and dust and sand
Would slowly crawl and crawl upon his grave
Gods cannot stop the movement of the pendant…
Crowned by lands through which he cleaved,
Celebrated and renown…
Nunquam est qui semper vivat save eternity alone.

Hail to the warrior, valiant and bold!
Acclaimed beyond them all, far-famed indeed,
His proud name was a heart of every story,
His luck in every battle was foretold.
But once his sword would fail, his foe would not,
And rust would crawl upon his wreath of glory.
Life is short; he rushed to live it
Where now is his gravestone?
Nunquam est qui semper vivat save eternity alone.

Hail to the singer, known in every inn,
Beloved by peasants, noblemen and the king,
His songs burned like the stars through autumn twilight,
His voice to crowds was like a tocsin’s din
And on his way to scaffold he did sing
And one last time had set the crowd alight…
Years passed, his songs have bleared and –
Who remembers now his tone?
Nunquam est qui semper vivat save eternity alone.

Hail to the savant! What might be his fate?
A jester, or a jailbird, or a sot?
Will ivory tower ensconce him from the dangers?
The lore that sparkles when bursting from the crate
Evanesces like teardrops in a drought.
In this world we are all but guests and strangers…
Wisdom fades with those who seed it,
Passing from this realm of moan…
Nunquam est qui semper vivat save eternity alone.

So if all human deeds shall turn to dust
Why would one reach for parchments and a quill?
Why would another put the words toge’er?
Our palms are warm with ashes of the past,
And we will burn and so our parchment will
But words shall rise with smoke and land somewhere…
Passing forth as we’ve received it –
Our brief candle of discourse…
Nunquam est qui semper vivat save a fragile thread of words…

На этот раз сам делал, хотя все равно спасибо хорошему человеку по имени Махач за то, что показал программы и примерно как с ними быть.
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