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Продолжая серию и выполняя обещанное, выкладываю следующий кусок своих переложений на английский известных фэндомских песен. Вначале ссылка на оригинал, после английский текст, в конце - видео, чтобы было понятно, как именно английский вариант ложится на мелодию.

Оригинал. Если кто-нибудь вместо этого поделится ссылкой на нормальный сайт Лорки, где это лежит, я такому человеку буду очень признателен. Оригинал, спасибо gidrik
Скажу сразу, это в больше степени пересказ, чем перевод, и я пойму всякого текстолога-канониста, который на эту тему всё скажет.

Baleful darkness is sprawling
Past the shadow that haunts the empty road...
This affliction in galling,
I am pestered again in my abode…
Now begone, ghastly shadow...
I refuse to abet you in your deeds,
I won't be called a man of many creeds!

Chilly fog has been devouring the chilly park,
And the fire's almost out, and my nerves are taut,
In the weakness of a moment the world grows dark,
And I almost entertain an unseemly thought.

An undignified whimper...
I'll recover the poise that I now feign.
Mirror 's showing a simper
That belongs on my lips and shall remain.
It befits my position,
To remain an example at every cost,
When all the world but these five letters 's lost…

I'm reduced to a remarkably sorry plight,
What this godforsaken missive could but reveal,
That my hand resorts to shaking upon the sight,
And the wine is bleeding softly across the seal?

I can fight this delusion,
Have the weakness surrender to the scoff,
Disentangle from confusion,
Like a snake sheds skins, cast this folly off.

There's a power unquestioned:
Every lord has a right to choose his bane,
Embrace its blessing and endure its pain.

All attempts for lesser remedies are forlorn
When the shadow calls upon me from the abyss,
What remains is broken mirror's unyielding scorn
And the thought that I’ve condemned all my hope with this...

It's a grim determination that's set in stone,
It's the scent of burning paper that takes my breath,
It's the feeling that I'm bearing this loss alone,
And the name goes up with smoke, leaving me just -...



Early dawn is about to break,
And the blades will be ringing shrilly,
Early dawn is about to break,
Trumpet’s clamour will spread athwart,
Oath falls heavy, words fall apart,
And the swords to the lips feel chilly,
Early dawn is about to break...
Candle flame trembles like a heart...

Early dawn is about to break,
Night dies out as the strings are knelling
Runes and stars agree in foretelling:
Glory bleeds on the shining sword.
Early dawn is about to break –
Like a thief into drowsy dwelling,
Early dawn is about to break,
Like a string at the final chord…

Early dawn is about to break,
War of Wrath with the swords a-singing,
Early dawn is about to break,
But the dream is alive and sound:
Solemn chalice of wine goes round,
And the echo is softly ringing:
Early dawn is about to break,
And our hearts are forever bound!

Early dawn is about to break,
Air will thicken with crows alighting,
Eyes will freeze at the deadly lightning
To be closed by the tender hoar...
Early dawn is about to break...
Wind will fly to the eastern brightening
Message filled with the scent of gore,
To the Lord, that we are no more…

Winds will toss our names like husk,
Mixing dust with the weeping heavens,
We will perish, as will our task,
In the ashes that never settle,
Winds shall mourn for us until dusk,
And the burial’s up to the ravens.
And the dawn with the iron brattle
Is announcing the final battle…

За запись звука и видео первого видео огромное спасибо не имеющему журнала хорошему человеку по имени Махач, а второе я, признаться, переделал.
Tags: carinwa, ukiyo-e, мёд Одина

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