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Some legalese translated

Everybody knows that in the courthouse words do not mean what they actually mean. Here is a nice example of how far it can go.

Summary of the case: the defendant (a contractor) never paid back the deposit he took to do the work and never did the work either. Instead of filing a civil suit the customer managed to get him charged criminally; prosecutor and I agree to have the case dismissed upon payment of the money back to the customer. We go in front of the judge for disposition.

Judge: The court would be much more content with a continuance without a finding!
(translation): Prosecutor, come on, could you not press her to make the defendant actually plea? That would have made it easier for me: I could later threaten him with a jail sentence if he does not pay on time, or if I feel like punishing him further for it!
Prosecutor: Well, the Commonwealth is more concerned with rapid return on the money and the proposed disposition seems to address this exact issue.
(translation): Judge, by God I tried my best to scare the bitch into it! If I press more she will just take it to trial and she will win it too, because my case is not great at all, and the victims will be left without money altogether. This way at least they will have their money returned at some point...
Judge: Well, if that's what Commonwealth wants, I will accept that...
(translation): Screw you both and the horses you rode in on too...
Prosecutor: Thank you, your Honor.
(translation): Oh, whatever, can I go now? I have seven more cases today.
Me: Thank you, your Honor.

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