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Говорил им господь - не ешьте яблок, а то так в колледж и не поступите!

Чему, по-вашему, учат в Школе Непорочного Зачатия?

Не верите? Я там офигел. Вот цитата из Тацита прецедента: Diliegro, a forty-three year resident of Revere who was familiar with the school, testified that he knew it was a school because its name, "Immaculate Conception School," is posted on the front of the building. He had seen children "going to school there everyday during the school year, carrying books[;] crossing guards, mothers picking up their children or dropping them off in the morning, pick[ing] them up in the afternoon." He added that he believed he had also seen school buses there...

(picture stolen from bukin)
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