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Дэль 鈴

Бойцы вспоминают минувшие дни...

В ролях:
Delle - ikadell
Kolya - sovez

Delle: D..damn... You know what the correct answer is? Kid-fucking-napping!
Kolya (неторопливо): Kid-fucking is a different statute

D: Ну 60%, бывает. Кому сейчас легко?
K: (не задумываясь): Димке!

K: What's next?
D: Sex crimes
K: Fuck!
D: Exactly

Так положил руку на коленку, что убил! (definition of a non-existing crime of murder in course of sexual misdemeanor via Kolya)

К: You do some sex crimes I am going to get us tea

K: pishite shura giri ... t'phu ... pilite shura warrant

В подвале завелась муха. This is not a bug, задумчиво сказал Коля. Назвали Feature. Legal Feature. Послеe 34+14 вопросов с разборкой муха снялась с крышки столика, сделала головоломную спираль, и умерла.

К: Выучил criminal procedure!
D: Что, один?
К: Нет, с пельмешками...

Morning commute in a subway, Kolya reading Dragon Lance "...No kender has ever murdered anybody..." oh, right, murder is a specific intent crime and kenders don't have attention span to formulate a requisite intent. Kender personality can be equated to diminished capacity and that negates an element of the crime. Kender typical mental state does not make it able to appreciate that his actions are against the law. Typical irresistible impulse test.
..... shoot! why am i analyzing Dragonlance as a fact pattern .....

Discussing Massachussets sabbath rule and melicious service when service is made on sabbath.
K: "Because you all are fucking Puritans up there"
D: "We're not fucking any puritans. They don't like to be fucked"

D: You do not have so say "ass"! Say...er... "heirs"
K: Kiss my heirs
> a na moem mogil'nom kamne ya hochu nadpis' "kiss my heirs"

> Проблемы надо гасить в зародыше, а потом делать stem cell research
> Мы считали до пяти... дважды... много наших полегло...
> con law incorporation of bill of rights into states

K: who has the burden of proof that you gave me a cold?
D: the alligator (thinking alleger)

K: I want a break! Are we there yet and can we get there by Adverse Possession?
D: (с умным видом): you can't get anywhere by adverse possession for 10 years

> Week 3.5.
> Broke 2nd katana
> 4 essays to go

> week 4.5
> 3rd Katana broken ... supply is running out

K: So what exactly are we learning here? trips and ticks ....тьфу ... tricks and sticks...er... tips....

А в последний вечер перед экзаменом мы сидели на кухне, пили кофе и на два голоса анализировали как экзаменационную задачу песенку про то, что на Ихштебрештрассе ёжики живут...

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