June 26th, 2005

backwards little me

Вечер бродит по лесным дорожкам

Evening wanders through the forest paths…
Eventide was always dear to you
Please, don’t leave, let’s stay among the others,
Sitting at the fire with a friend or two…

Wondrous magic in a heartfelt singing,
And in silence of the gleaming light,
But the only charm to which I’m clinging
Is your pensive glance that fills me with delight.

At the shore the stillness is so tender,
Anxious gaze is more then world itself -
Do not look at me in such a manner,
That might give me thoughts I’m not supposed to have…

Friends will call me, when the song is over
To the places yet unknown to us,
And above the sunset, in the nowhere,
Sparkling little star of my sweet dream would rise.