August 26th, 2004

backwards little me

А кого в Бостон на Labor Day понесет

Тому будет Штуковина предложена.

Во-первых, есть мысль пройтись до ярмарки Короля Ричарда. Во-вторых, если не будете бакланы и приедете рано в субботу, сделаю вам небольшую, но симпатичную игрушечку на мостовых города Салема:) Самое субботним вечером милое место для:)

Думайте, квены добрые.
backwards little me

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In the litigation money is like air in a space expedition. It is the thing that keeps stuff going. You have to be very careful with your estimation, otherwise you fall in the moon desert dead. Moreover, there is only so much air in the spaceship in general that you are able to partition to take some of it with you on your expedition.

I guess I am saying that it is tough as hell to keep in mind the whole picture all the time.
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